Date: 27th October 2016
T27A Flexible Grinding Wheel Making Machine
?T27A flexible grinding wheel making machineUses:This machine is mainly used for fiber reinforced resin cutting discs and grinding wheel auto molding press. Use of push-type structure, distribution in rectangular loop station workbench, realize the automatic cycle of each process. The nominal pressure, cold & hot pressing process and pressing methods can be configured according to user's requirements.Technical parameter:Grinding wheel diameter100, 115, 125mmGrinding wheel thickness3.0-7.0mmGrinding wheel Hole16/22.23mmGrinding wheel shapeT27StructurePusher type, multi-position, single-mode cavityWorkstation36/38/40/48/52......Rating press100T/125T/200TControl modePLC control, touch screen displayMould rotation speed30-100R/Min (adjustable)Each leveling micro-liftServo motor 0.05-3.0mmWorking beat6-7sec per grinding wheelCapacity4200-4800pcs/ 8 hourOperators3-5 personsInstalled power20KW (including heating power)Consumption power6-8KWSize4500x1650x2750mm (L x W x H)Weight4800kgsNote:?1, Workstation numbers can be adjusted2, Function can be modified according to customer's requirements.3, Feeding, netting, labeling, ringing, cutting disc taking are automatically optioned. The machine can be fully automatic.