Date: 11th February 2017
Full Automatic Flap Disc Machine
?Full automatic flap disc machineThis machine is designed to produce flap discs in a full automatic way.Production performance:-Disc Size: 100, 115, 125, 150, 180mm-Flap Size: Width: 23-40mm. Length: 15-28mm-Flap Numbers: 45-150pcsTechnical data:Electric Plant Characteristics:*Installed Power: 4KW + 3KW ( Dust)*Absorbed Power: 3KW*Voltage: 380V( indicated on the electric board)*Auxiliary Voltage: 24V*Operation:Electric mechanical*Frequency::Indicated on the electric boardProduction Efficiency: 12pcs flap discs (single-flap 115*22*72 flaps disc) per minute.Machine DataStations of Rotary Plate12Glue Pump280kgs / 30kgsElectrical Power Supply380V/50-60HzAir Consumption:100 litres/minProduct DataFlap Disc TypeT27/T29Flap Disc SurfaceConventional Disc, Double Same Cloth Disc, Flexible DiscFlap Disc BackingFibreglass, Plastic, Nylon, MetalBacking Size75-170mmFlap Disc Size100-180mmFlap Size20~40x5~25mmGlue Consumption per Flap Disc100 mm / 4" ?Flap Disc5~8 g115 mm /4.5" Flap Disc8~12 g125 mm / 5" Flap Disc12~16 g180 mm / 7" Flap Disc20~30 gFlaps on Each Flap Disc45~150pcsDimension2600 x 19000 x2000(H)mm without glue pumpDimension4100 x 19000 x2000(H)mm ?with glue pumpWeight:1060kg ?without glue pumpWeight:1300kg ?with glue pump